Information on Guam, United States of America

  • Telecommunications

    Guam is state-of-the-art destination possessing many of the luxuries the rest of the world enjoys. With high-speed Internet access, mobile phone services and wireless data, it is easy to keep in touch with your family and friends.

    Various wireless service outlets sell SIM cards to swap into your everyday personal phone. These stores are easy to locate, and staff can help you determine which service option is most appropriate for the length of your stay on the island. Cards can typically be activated on demand with a single phone call.

    GTA is the official telecom sponsor of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts. GTA is an innovative, full-service communications company offering the latest communications technology including high-speed Internet services, mobile phone services and 4G LTE wireless data. With more than 7 locations to serve you, GTA is committed to providing excellent service for all your communications needs.

  • Entry Requirements

    Guam is a territory of the USA and follows the USA immigration law. Representatives and other participants are required to have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry to Guam. Visas must be obtained unless travellers are citizens of a country under the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program. The US Customs and Border Protection site contains detailed information:

  • Customs

    For both residents and non-residents, importing prohibited items can result in significant fines and penalties, including imprisonment. Additional information can be found at the links below:

    For up-to-date information, please contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the USA.

  • Banking Facilities

    Currently there are three domestic and three locally-incorporated foreign commercial banks operating with branches throughout the island.

    The Bank of Guam is the official banking sponsor of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts. They have over 12 branches and 63 ATM locations on island to serve you. Additionally, a mobile ATM will be located at the festival grounds in Hagatna for your convenience.

    International credit cards are accepted by the majority of tourist establishments. ATMs are available 24 hours a day at all banks, some shops and designated hotels. Most currencies can be exchanged with ease.

  • Climate and Clothing

    As in most tropical islands in the Western Pacific Region, the weather in Guam is warm throughout the year with less humidity November through March. The mean annual temperature near sea level is about 81°F (27°C) with monthly means ranging from 80°F (27°C) in January to 82°F (28°C) in June. Rarely does the temperature exceed 90°F (32°C) during the day or fall below 70°F (21°C) at night. The relative humidity averages between 73–81%, depending on the month

    Guam's climate is characterized by two distinct seasons: a dry season from January to May and a rainy season from July to November. June and December are transitional months.

    Participants are encouraged to adopt the "no tie/island casual" dress code for the entire session of the Regional Committee.

  • Currency and Exchange Rate

    As a territory of the USA, Guam uses US currency. Denominations include:

    1 cent (penny), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 25 cents (quarter), 50 cents (half dollar) and a dollar coin with) several varieties.

    Bank notes:
    1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars

  • Electricity and Water

    The standard power supply in Guam is 120 volts/60 cycles with standard plug outlets of the USA

    Water is chlorinated and safe to drink.

  • Languages

    English and Chamorro are the official languages of Guam.

  • Local Time

    Local time is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Guam does not use daylight savings time.

  • Biosecurity Information

    The following form lists and provides general information on three introduced biological organisms affecting the island of Guam.

  • Flights to Guam

    Guam is serviced by a number of international and commuter airlines. Regular flights connect Guam with numerous points throughout Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, the other Islands of Micronesia and the Continental U.S.

    As Guam's hometown airline and the official airline of the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts, United Airlines invites FestPac participants to take advantage of a special airline offer. United is proud to have the world's most comprehensive route network, with United Airlines and United Express operating an average of nearly 5,000 flights a day to 342 airports across six continents. Invite your friends and family to visit Guam and participate in the greatest cultural event in the Pacific, the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts.

  • Transportation

    Guam is the largest island in the Marianas Chain. At 214 square miles (554 square kilometers), getting around Guam is a breeze. With many options to choose from for transportation, you will be treated to breathtaking sunsets and a magnificent natural environment.

    To rent a vehicle on Guam, you must be at least 25 years old (in most cases) and have a valid driver's license and credit card (used as a security deposit). Non-U.S. citizens must have passports and a valid International license. Rates may vary, with factors including location, car size and style, and accessories (MiFi united, child safety seat or GPS, for example, may be extra).

    Cars Plus Hyundai is the official vehicle sponsor of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts and will help you find the perfect solution for all your transportation needs.

    Cars Plus Hyundai is extending a special offer for rental cars to those wishing to visit the Festival of Pacific Arts on Guam. You may book with Payless Car Rental or Thrifty Car Rental online or call +1 (671) 646-6555 or +1 (671) 649-7368, and use FESTPAC2016 as the special offer code when making your reservation. Discount will be applied upon checkout.

Emfotmasion put Guåhan, Estådos Unidos Amerika

  • Tetkumunikasion Siha

    Estådos-put-åtte iya Guåhan na lugåt finatto ni' ha gogo'te meggai na minaolek para u gosa i pumalu gi i mundo. Para hinago' intetnet chaddek-finalågu, setbision tilifon mobit yan emfotmasion tai'alåmle, ti mappot un hago' i familiå-mu yan manafa'maolek-mu.

    Manma bebende gi katkuet manera setbision tai'alåmle na katdon siha para un empåtte tilifon petsonåt kada ha'åni. Ti manmappot manma sodda' este na tenda siha ya i emplehao-ñiha manayudånte ni' inayek setbisio ni' propiu para i tiempo-mu gi i dirånten sumagå-mu gi i isla. Siña ha' ma na'kalamten i katdon-mu ensigidas tåtkumu unu ha' na inagang tilifon.

    Ufisiåt patlinu para i Mina'dosse na Ferian Åtten Pasifiku Siha iya GTA. Kompanihan kumunikasion kabåles-setbisio iya GTA ya ha ufrefresi i mås mudetno na teknålayen kumunikasion siha ni' sumaonao setbision intetnet chaddek-finalågu, setbision tilifon mobit, yan emfotmasion tai'alåmle LTE 4G. Ma ayuda hao ni' nomåsdi siete (7) na lugåt siha, ha komiti iya GTA para un pribiniyi nu i setbision senminaolek para todu nisisidåt-mu na kumunikasion siha.

  • Areklon Finatto

    Tirituriåt Estådos Unidos America iya Guåhan ya ha tattitiyi i lai imigrasion Estådos Unidos yan otro påttesipånte ni' manma månda para u fangggaipasapotte ni' ibaluha kåsi sais (6) meses para hinalom Guåhan. Debi i bisa siha u fanma chule' ni' mambiåbiahi yanggen siudadånon tåno' mundo gi papa' Prugråman Areklon Bisan para Guåhan-CNMI. Gaige emfotmasion kabåles gi i siti'on Pruteksion Kånton Lugåt yan Kåstom Estådos Unidos:

  • Kåstom siha

    Para parehu residensia yan ti-residensia siha, numa'halom kosas ni' manma pruhibi rumisutto gi seknefekånten minitta yan areklo ni' sumaonao ma presu. Siña ha' ma sodda' mås emfotmasion gi i inachetton guennao påpa':

    Para emfotmasion-ni'-mås-nuebu, ågang put fabot i senhihot na ufisinan kånsulet osino embasen Estådos Unidos America.

  • Fasilidåt Bångko siha

    Guaha tres na setbision este yan tres na bångkon kumetsiåt sanhiyong engkotporåt-lugåt guini ni' manggai råmas gi enteru i isla.

    Ufisiåt patlinon bångko iya Bank of Guam para i Mina'dosse Ferian Åtten Pasifiku. Guaha nomåsdi dosse (12) na råmas yan sisentai tres (63) na lugåt ni' manggaige ATM gi i isla ni' para un sinetbe. Put mås, para u guaha måkinan ATM gi i lugåt feria gi iya Hagåtña para kombiñente-mu.

    Manakseptao kåtdon krediton intetnasiunåt nu i mayoriha na kumetsion binisita. Guaha ATM ni' kalalamten bente kuåtro (24) oras gi todu bångko, tenda yan hotet siha. Siña ha' manma tulaika kopble siha ya taiminappot.

  • Klema yan Moda

    Taiguihi kantidån isla siha gi i Iriyan Pasifikon Sangkattan, kalentådu i klema gi iya Guåhan gi finaloffan i sakkan ya menos umitde desde Nubembre asta Måtso. Kåsi ochentai unu digri farenhait (bente siete (27) digri selsius) i minidan klema gi tula såkkan ni' hihot kontra i tasi ya kåsi lokkue' ochenta (80) digri farenhait (bente siete (27) digri selsius) gi Ineru ni' ochentai dos (82) digri farenhait (bente ocho (28) digri selsius) gi Huño na mes. Håssan na ha upos nubenta (90) digri farenhait (trentai dos (32) digri selsius) gi finaloffan ha'åni osino poddong påpa' gi menos sitenta (70) digri farenhait (bente unu (21) digri selsius) gi puengi. Gaige median tutåt umidu entre sitentai tres (73) asta ochentai unu (81) put siento, dipende gi i mes.

    Annok gi dos (2) na tiempon dinestingi i kleman Guåhan: fanångglo'an desde Ineru asta Måyu yan fanuchånan desde Hulio asta Nubembre. Mes hinanao iya Hunio yan Disembre.

    Manma e'eppok i mañåsaonao para u ma adåpta i “mungnga kinetbåta/modan taiminappot” na areklo para i sesion tutåt nu i Kumiten Rehi'unåt.

  • Ret Salåppe' yan Tinilaika

    Tåtkumu tirituriåt Estådos Unidos America, ha u'usa salåppe' Estådos Unidos iya Guåhan. Gaige i dinåminasion siha gi:

    Kopble siha:
    Un (1) sentimos, singko (5) sentimos, di'es (10) sentimos, bente singko (25) sentimos, singkuenta (50) sentimos, yan kopblen un pesu ($1) ni' lameggai na klåsi.

    Salåppe' Påppet siha:
    Unu (1), dos (2), singko (5), di'es (10), bente (20), singkuenta (50), yan siento (100) pesos

  • Ilektresidå yan Hånom

    Siento bente (120) botech/sisenta (60) saiko' i rigulåt ilektresidå ya i plåk siha ni' manma u'usa komfotme para nina'setben Estådos Unidos Amerika.

    Ma kloråkse i hanom ya såfu para u fanma gimen.

  • Lengguåhi Siha

    Ufisiåt lengguåhi siha i Fino' Engles yan i Fino' Chamorro gi iya Guåhan.

  • Oran Guåhan

    Mo'nåña di'es oras iya Guåhan kino' Oran Min Greenwich (GMT). Ti ha u'usa oran gine'ten ha'åni iya Guåhan.

  • Emfotmasion Bai'o'asiguridåt

    Ha pribininiyi hiniråt emfotmasion i listan fotman manåtatte gi tres troson baiolåyiko' ni' manma entrodusi ya ha afekta i islan Guåhan.

  • Fleti siha para Guåhan

    Sinesetbe iya Guåhan nu nombre na batkon airen este na bånda yan kontodu intetnasiunåt. Ha na'fanhåhanao i rigulåt fleti siha ginen Guåhan asta guatu lugåt siha gi iya Hapon, Hong Kong, iya Filipinas, Kore'a, Tai'uan, Åstrelia, Indonisia, Hao'ai'i, yan pumalu isla siha gi iya Maikrunisia yan iya sanlagon Estådos Unidos.

    Tåtkumu båtkon airen Guåhan yan ufisiåt båtkon aire para i Dos Mit Disisais (2016) Ferian Åtten Pasifiku, managågangi iya United Airlines para u ma chule' i mañåsaonao i inifresen espesiåt na setbisio. Banidosu iya United Airlines para u prisenta anåkko' yan fedda' chinago'ña yan dumanña' i United Airlines yan United Express para u ma petsigi kinalamten gi kana' singko mit (5,000) na fleti kada diha asta guåtu gi tres sientos kuarentai dos (342) na puetton båtkon aire entre sais na mundon tåno' kontinen. Agångi manatungo'-miyu yan mangåfa'-miyu para u ma bisita Guåhan ya u fañaonao gi i mås dångkolo na aktebedåt kottura, i Dos Mit Disisais (2016) Ferian Åtten Pasifiku.

  • Transpottasion

    Etmås dångkolo na isla iya Guåhan gi i Kadenan Mari'ånas. Tåtkumu dos sientos katotse (214) na miyas kuadrao (kiñentos singkuentai kuåtro kilumetran kuadrao), lumiliko' gi iya Guåhan taiminappot. Sigun gi mineggai inayek para transpottasion, ma tråta hao para minenhagong pineddong åtdao siha yan un senmånnge' na uriyan naturåt gi i isla.

    Yanggen para un fanatkila såhyan gi iya Guåhan, debidi un bente singko (25) åños na idåt ya u magåhet lisensian mañugon yan kåtdon kreditu (ni' ma usa para nina'halom asiguridåt). Debi i ti-siudadånon Estådos Unidos di u gaipasapotte yan magåhet na lisensian intetnasiunåt. Katkuet i gaston atkilet ni' sumaonao konsederasion lugåt, mineddong såhyan yan klåsi-ña, yan guinahå-ña (dinanña' MiFI, areklao tå'chong påtgon osino GPS, put ihemplo, siña ha' ma na'danña').

    Ufisiåt patlinon såhyan iya Cars Plus Hyundai para i Mina'dosse Ferian Åtten Pasifiku ya ma ayuda hao sumodda'i solusion para todu nisisidåt-mu para transpottasion.

    Ha ekstetendi iya Cars Plus Hyundai inifresen espesiåt para atkelet attomobet para ayu siha ni' manmambisisita gi i Ferian Åtten Pasifiku gi iya Guåhan. Siña ha' un arekla este gi iya Payless Car Rental osino Thrifty Car Rental gi inetnet osino ågang +1 (671) 646-6555 osino +1 (671) 649-7368, ya un usa FESTPAC2016 para kot espesiåt yanggen un fa'titinas rinisetba. Ma aplikåyi diskuenta gigon un na'na'lo.