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New Zealand Delegation Visits Adelup

Friday, August 7, 2015

Governor, delegation discuss FestPac 2016

In a meeting this afternoon with representatives from New Zealand, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo exchanged thoughts on the location of the festival grounds, and ideas on how to ensure the success of next years 12th Festival of Pacific Arts: What we own, what we have, what we share — United Voice of the Pacific.

From May 22 through June 4, 2016, Guam will host approximately 2,500 artists from 27 Pacific Island Nations during the 14-day cultural celebration. This will be the largest event to hit the island’s shores since the 1999 South Pacific Games.

”We look forward to sharing all the artwork, listening to music from different shores, and building a community through kinship,” Gov. Calvo stated. “As we come together and discover our similarities, it is also important that we accept and embrace our differences.”

Guam made its bid to host the 12th FestPac and was awarded the honor at the 10th Festival in American Samoa, in 2008. It wasn’t until July of 2012, at the 11th FestPac, when Guam officially received the festival flag.

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