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Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo Meets With Seafarers

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The seafaring community of Guam, which includes Che’lu from San Diego, TASI and TASA from Guam, met with Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo today to provide him with an update on the Festival of Pacific Arts. Reprsenting Che’lu were Mario Borja and Tony Maguadog from San Diego and Tony Borja who lives on Guam. Representing TASI were Dr. Lawrence Cunningham, Cheryl Cunningham, and Frank Cruz. Representing TASA were Sandra Okada, Jose Martinez, and Vicky Toves. Also at today’s meeting were Joseph Cameron, president of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, and CAHA chairwoman Monica Guzman. The representatives participated in the Chamorro Seafaring Lexicon workshop held this past weekend.

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